The disguting human factory Plastinarium shows in Kiew its human plastinated corpses.The actual Ukranian president Zelensky or the former one Porochenko belonging to the Jewish culture or the belonging Jewish elite, ruling in Ukraine, don’t seem to be upset about this new exhibition in the Ukrainian capitale although this exhibition lets us remembering about the Auschwitz similar work on human being.
Ukraine is a beautiful country with a beautiful people has become since the opening inside the European market and to the global world with is false promises made by its leaders, a tremendous place for organ businesses. The German factory, at the beginning a US one, now a German company which is Tutugen AG is well known for its business on the Ukrainian soil with human organs even before the Maïdan revolution. During the Ukrainian revolution of the Euromäidan medical manpowers
The war in Ukraine and the Euromaïdan revolution have brought the corpses business. The Ukrainian population has been staying in the poverty that is a good opportunity for companies making money with corpses, organes, women, babies.
With the steal of human parts, organs, we have to talk about Ukraine as a big merchant place for human beings. Don’t forget also about the women being used as prostitute and women being used as surrogate