From 27 to 28 September 2019 several Normandy cities with the agreement of mayors have promoted the legal robbery of organs and tissues within their inhabitants. I already told you in an article about the legal robbery of tissues and organs “The Green Sun is a reality” https://renaultolivier.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/le-soleil-vert-est-une-realite/ . Today it is in France that this business is officially being set up with a big promotion. There is a video to get people to sign their agreement for the robbery of their tissues and organs. Two American soldiers are seen running on a wheat field chased by a plane. This scene is a reminiscent of the Normandy landings. A soldier is afraid of dying and asks his “friend” to give his wife his military plaque. The soldier “the so called friend”, who has a nose for business, offers him to donate his organs. Then a pretty brunette, dressed like a young Normand, intervenes in the video smiling and like dancing. Of course, the video and the mayors of the municipalities who promote this robbery speak of donations. Yet in the video the pretty brunette who announces the color says in a smiling way as if this business was only banal “with the new law anyway, we have no more our word to say”.

The video where the “friend” ask the soldier to donate his organs and where the charming brunette says “anyway in France we don’t have the choice”

The doctors, who should nevertheless follow the oath of Hippocrates, are the vectors of this immense business on human bodies. Local media do not, of course, denounce this process. A car accident, and a doctor will declare you brain dead in order to steal your organs and tissues (skin or other products) because it will affect to him a % on the sale of your tissues and organs. We can imagine all the deviances that take place to simulate a death to get your organs and your skin. Your skin because they also remove your skin from your body just like a rabbit in order to sell it for other purposes. Besides the German factory skins all the bodies to sell the skin.