This Monday, August 19th should have been a great day for France. The French president has invited the Russian president to humiliate him. French media like LCI showed the poor level of journalists and French experts on Russia. Russia is the greatest ally of France and the French people and of democracy and European civilization. The French elite still plays with fire by humiliating the Russian president during the meeting at Fort de Bregançon. Vladimir Putin remained as usual easy without “showing the muscles”. The Russian president has even come humbly to meet the French president who does not stop insulting Russia and showing arrogance.

Very bad. French media like LCI have spread an incredible wave of hatred on the Russian president and Russia. This is serious because among the many French viewers, they do not have the chance to know Russia and therefore can only believe what journalists and “experts” filled with hatred have spat on the Russian President and Russia. It’s ignoble. Macron organized this meeting to be again seen in the world with a powerful statesman when it would have been necessary to show deep friendship to the Russian people and to this Russian president who does absolutely everything to preserve world peace. On LCI the journalists treated the Russian president as being hypocritical with his bouquet of flowers and his smiles whereas in Russia it is a noble tradition to meet a woman during a visit with flowers. It’s education. For LCI journalists it was a misplaced gesture.

France tears hands and blows out the eyes of the French demonstrators the so called Yellow Vests. The Russian president was kind again when he spoke about the extreme violence that is taking place on the Yellow Vests when a journalist asked a question about the violence in Russia against protesters. The French president did not know where to hide and started to get nervous. The Russian president remained courteous. Macron and the French journalists of these official media are a shame for the French people.

Here if you can understand French you will listen many insults on Russia and the Russian president.