Another horrible news which proves the mental state of the world and which is reminiscent of the German factory situated two hours only from Berlin. Human being is a consumable product before being a human.

Phoenix body donation company. Donors were sick people who have decided to help science to study their disease in order to save lives. The parents of these donors thought they were helping others. This is the official version. In fact, as in Germany, families give the bodies of their loved ones because it’s free. It was said that «the Biological Resource Center offered donor families free care for their loved ones right up to the funeral». In Arizona are four other companies that take for free fresh dead people. A cryogen company is also storing Arizona’s deads to give them life again.

FBI agents discovered penises stored in a cold room, heads, a woman’s head sewn on a man’s trunk, coarsely cut bodies hung on the walls, large male torsos with limbs and genitals removed. Sale of organs of the dead. The company has often dismembered and sold various parts of the body.

This the prices list

Torso with head: $2,400
Whole body with no shoulders or head: $2,900.
Torso with head: $2,400.
Whole spine: $950.
Whole leg: $1,100.
Whole foot: $450.
Knee: $375.
Pelvis: $400.

This company remembers us the German factory which recycles corpses: Plastinarium : https://renaultolivier.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/soylent-green-is-reality/

Source : https://eu.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-health/2019/07/19/cooler-penises-frankenstein-head-found-phoenix-body-donation-company/1720254001/