Iuventa, Seawatch, are German NGO boats with captains of German nationality. Globalist NGOs use young women to illegally import Africans into Europe. From Pia Klemp to Carola Rackete, an extensive network of human trafficking at the base and at the top of the pyramid is updated. For the Iuventa boat of the NGO Jugend Rettet we have the Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, an organization controlled by the Jugendamt, who bought the Iuventa with the help of Greenpeace. For Sea-Watch 3 we have Carola Rackete daughter of a weapons sales consultant. From the Kreuzberger Stiftung to the business of arms via the importation of human beings, we have the very closed circle of affairs carried out on the backs of human beings. It would lack the action of the Guben factory known for Plastination, or Tutogen AG, which takes the organs, to finalize a very particular portrait of what produces Germany today.

Little by little, the huge business carried out on the backs of humanitarian aid is unveiled. Pia Klemp, arrested by the Italian authorities, has, between 2016 and 2017, imported more than a thousand illegal immigrants in Europe, aboard several NGO ships such as Sea-Watch 3 and Iuventa.

Carola Rackete, arrested on Saturday, June 29 in Lampedusa, captain of Sea-Watch, Pia Klemp’s friend, also carried out human trafficking aboard the Sea-Watch and violated the Italian territorial waters. But Carola Rackete gets the official support of the German Foreign Minister and the German President for his illegal action.

Carola Rackete and Pia Klemp are two Germans. Greenpeace intervened for the purchase of Iuventa and Carola Rackete made her arms at Greenpeace

We must go to the sources to understand the horrible and Cynical business. Pia Klemp was captain aboard the Iuventa ship, a ship bought by an organization working with Jugendamt, the German and international organization that is taking children out of their family.

Carola Rackete is the daughter of a former Bundeswehr officer and advisor to a company that sells arms to the army and the police. In an interview with haz.de Ekkehart Rackete does not condemn the action of his daughter. The company, Mehler Engineered Defence https://mehler-engineered-defence.de/products/military-protection-systems/stationary-weapon-systems/?lang=en for which Ekkehart Rackete works as a consultant belongs to Mehler Vario System GmbH https://m-v-s.de/helme/ , which also produces defense weapons for the police and the army.

Attorney Dubravko Mandic accuses Carolina Rackete of having a weapons vendor dad who works for a company that sells to NATO standards.