On May 11, 2014 the leaders of the DNR and the LNR moved to the implementation of a referendum. The choice of the people of the two Republics was clearly against the diktat of Kiev and a lesson of democracy for the destination of the European peoples who, they, can not enjoy referendums! We are in the 21st century and the rights of peoples are not respected. Only the use of force can preserve this fundamental right.


Democracy definition

” Democracy means people’s sovereignty built on history, identity, ” Heimat ” (geographical ethnic origin linked to blood). Its action is reflected in the choice of the people through the ballot box, citizen initiatives, referendums and elections. Democracy is also the self-determination of a people on their status as independent, the free election for the form of government and for the social order that a people wants to give themselves. The future is built on the origin, ” Heimat ”, identity culture and continuity. The free man builds his own future with reciprocal respect and solidarity with his compatriots. That’s what our human dignity is, what our fundamental rights are ” says the expert on international and constitutional law Alfred-Maurice de Zayas.

Why this vote? More than 71% of the population of the DNR and more than 80% in NRL were for the referendum. All declared to be Russians and did not recognize the Euromäidan coup. The choice of the urns showed the will of the inhabitants of the DNR and the NRL to leave the new contract wanted by the Ukrainian State. The choice of the people was pronounced five years ago for secession, a legal act inscribed in international law but which has not been recognized by the international community headed by NATO.