Since the opening of the Guben factory ” Plastinarium ” in 2006 X numbers of people have been plastinated, recycled in the tanks of the factory to recover the fat of their body, bones, tendons, skin. A juicy business takes place in Brandenburg at two hours from Berlin and no one denounces these disgusting business. The factory supplies in body its various world exhibitions and its now two permanent exhibitions in Berlin and also in London, city which is an example to follow according to Mr. Asselineau … This production continues to skid. Now, with the support of the parish priests, they expose the corpses in the streets and in their churches!

Total insane. The German priester is happyt to show a corpse in its church instead to denounce this disgusting business made with weak people!


The article is from the summer 2018 but the topic is still deap actual: https://www.suedkurier.de/ueberregional/panorama/Plastinat-im-Gottesdienst-Pfarrer-in-Osnabrueck-holt-den-Sensenmann-in-die-Kirche;art409965,9814938

An insane evolution is to be obesrved in Germany! No one talks about this evolution. Every one has become a merchandise in Germany from the babies to the olders.