Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has just declared on 3 May 2019 that he wants the European Parliament only in the city of Brussels because he wants to reform the European Union https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/kurz-eu-105.html. The European Parliament on French soil in the city of Strasbourg must disappear. Kurz speaks of the realization of a new European contract and not the implementation by popular elections of a new European constitution. This choice corresponds to the stakes also wanted on the German side. It’s simple. The Germanic zone is being built around its Berlin-Vienna axis and without France! For the Germans and Austrians the French belong to the countries of the South, a, expression designating sub-Saharan Africans! We must also write that Berlin and Vienna have done everything to make France as an African country. It is Berlin that has imported millions of African migrants with the help of Vienna by opening the borders! One way to continue the war against France by reviving the IV Reich!

New contract. It should be noted that there is no question of the realization of a new European constitution. In 2005 the French, who believed in the will of the people, had participated in elections for the European constitution while at the same time the Germans were not invited to the elections because Germany was talkting of a contract where the people was not invited to decide. At the same time, the French media made the French believe that the European institutions were setting up a constitution. Moreover, the German MP Cohn-Bendit denounced the choice of the French people in 2005 by calling for new elections!

France belongs to Africa. Already in 2017 the German deputy of the AfD, Jörg Meuthen, explained the German plan to found the new contract of the European Union excluding France because for Jörg Meuthen France is a country that belongs to the countries of the South, to the African zone https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article161022112/AfD-traeumt-vom-Euro-ohne-Frankreich.html. Yes, France is an African country for the Germans.
According to Meuthen to revive the European economy, we need an area that excludes France, by introducing a purely Germanic economic zone. Meuthen already explained 2017 that the countries of the South, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece including France must leave the EU commercial zone . France is, up to the German elite, therefore in the bag of the vast majority of the least developed countries that are located in sub-Saharan Africa! French, you are third world citizens for the Germans and the Austrians! This corresponds to the explanation of Mr. Asselineau who explains to his constituents that the French are closer to the people of Africa than to European citizens like, for example, in Lithuania. On this point the political point of view of M. Asselineau joins the German and Austrian one. We can believe that the UPR serves the interests of the nationalist politics of Berlin and Vienna by wanting Frexit! The Germans and the Austrians want to build now their economic and politic and societal zone which will include the Netherlands, Finland.