Every day we listen something awful coming from Germany. Yesterday all old people were recyled in the Plastination company with the help of nurses when the old people are not aware of what it is going to happen. Today all the Germans have become organ donors. The homosexual Jens Pahn, health minister of Germany, has decided it. When they take your organs you are not dead because they need fresh organs working good. It is a big business and the money of your organs which are sold on the world market you won’t see one cent because they kill you to take organs. Doctors get percents and private companies are getting richer thank you. You who all your life took care of your body by not drinking, not smoking, are going to make rich doctors and companies which sell organs. If you visit Germany as a tourist and something happen with you any doctor can declare your death even if it is not true in order to take your organs.

Drink wine, whisky and smoke big cigars.