The German journalist Billy Six, who was detained in the Venezuelan secret service prison El Helicoide for four months, discovered the role of the German government in the drone attack against Maduro. The Venezuelan government accuses MP Juan Requesens of the party ”primero justicia” for having been the leader of the group that organized the attack against Maduro on August 4, 2018 by introducing drones to Venezuelan from Colombia.


“I would like to know why the German embassy has taken care of the Requesens. The father of Requesens and the ex-ambassador Daniel Kriener are close friends and for that reason, when SEBIN (service secret of Venezuela) found money in my cell, they had claimed that this money came from Requesens’s father to me and that would be to bribe. Then came the demand for the release of Requesens by the German Federal Government. That made my situation even more difficult. They wanted to isolate me from Requesens. They said we had something to do together. When I heard that Angela Merkel met with Requesens’s sister to prepare for how the German federal government can work for his release, I knew that I was in the big trouble. I would like to know, what does the Federal Republic of Germany have to do with Requesens !”, said Six during a press conference.

It is interesting to notice that the German NGO Konrad Adenauer Stiftung helped financing ‘primero justicia”. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung did the same for the Ukrainian party UDAR just before the Euromaidan.