November 11 is a great day, a day of remembrance of the soldiers who died during WWI. Trump arrived on Novemebr 10 in Paris, arrived Elysée Palace but refused to shake Macron’s hand. Before meeting the French president the American president tweeted some critics towards Macron’s sentences concerning the aim to have an European army against the United-States.

Good Trump’s behavior. Trump acted very good towards Macron who prefers collaborating with Germany than with Russia or with the U.S.A. . French people, just like Trump, is also upset about Macron. Macron refused to celebrate a great ceremony on the 100 anniversary of the WWI’s end. Instead to use this big anniversary to remember soldiers who died and to put together in a big ceremony all the Allies Macron reduces the victory and the war effort of the Allies to nothing. The French people is deeply angry and Macrons also hurted the American people. Trump’s behavior writting his angriness about Macron and not willing to shake Macron’s hand were truly right.

In fact the French people wants to fire Macron. In every French city Macron visited for the WWI ceremony Macron had been bawled. The French people doesn’t like Macron. At many places French people were handed very rude by the Macron’s protection service. Journalist couldn’t do their job, French couldn’t demonstrate against Macron in peace.

At the time when France is celebrating the 100 years of the war end Macron wants to increase the petrol price and taxes on retired people.