The Senate of Berlin is, for the equality of the sexes, validating the installation of pissoirs for women in the German capital. As for men, women will have to piss standing in public toilets. Berlin wants to inaugurate the toilet for women without a door!

The country called Germany is innovating (making devil experimentations) in everything.
Legalization of sexual intercourse between animals and men, the desire to legalize incest, the legalization of pedophilia, the policy of absolute feminism, the foundation of huge brothels with a legalized status for prostitutes as traditional employment, the recycling of sick and old people in the factory of corpses, importation of mass migrants,  children theft in mass by the BRD state, creation of the mixed toilets’ Gender, here are the pissoirs for women!


Source: http://www.berliner-kurier.de/berlin/kiez—stadt/gleichberechtigungs-pissoirs-geplant-senat-will-frauen-im-klo-stehen-lassen-28114052