2015 Germany started to import millions of refugees. This is a business plan which was planned many years before. The aim was to import people with children or people who would make children on their way to Germany in their hope for a better life. The majority of refugees cannot work in the country because they do not know the language and have no education for a job. The German media is stirring up the fact that more and more refugees have to live by Hartz IV. The goal was not to protect people from the war zone but to import children. Where are staying the millions of refugees? Up to German media 190,000 asylum seekers are to be among the millions of refugees who have not found a job…

«They mostly have escaped war situations from their mother country and have found protection in Germany but they have nothing to do here», writes Tag24. Those conditions of live for refugees were clear from the beginning. If millions of German citizen cannot find a job in their country why millions of refugees could find one? The German language is not easy to learn. Those refugees stay in Germany as slaves of the German system. The main interest of Germany is to win millions of new babies and children who came with these refugees or who ware already born in Germany as their parents arrived.

Only 1188 refugees found work in 2017. Bild and B.Z published informations from the Arbeitsagentur which explain that only 1188 refugees have found a job in Germany», writes Tag24.

Germany has 190,000 asylum seekers from non-European countries, writes Tag24. 190 000 slaves from non-European countries are imprisoned in the country? “When they leave the country, they lose their rights to stay in the country”, writes Tag24. How many children have these asylum seekers brought to Germany? Or brought to the world by birth within the euphoria of their trip to Germany? In Germany, rational decisions are always made in the interests of the economy and not of human rights. How would it be otherwise possible to explain the amazing amount of children and babies stolen by the German Jugendamt or the existence of the recycling company Plastinarium? Where are the millions of refugees in Germany if up to Tag24 190 000 asylum seekers from non-European countries are recipients of the Hartz-IV?