“Bobo of shit” An unknown man about 50 slapped, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, the former minister and today deputy across the face in the street in Paris. The parliamentary elections are going in France on their second term. New deputies are entering the French Assemblée nationale under social tensions. The people is upset about the last French election and about the situation in the country after the Hollande’s presidency. Already before the election of Macron as the new French president, a former prime minister had been slapped in the street by a young man in Brittany. A video of the attack became a sucess on the internet. With the new attack on the political candidate and former minister the French media and politics are upset. The people shows its desagreement directly on the street and does not hesitate to attack politicians. The French political system has reached its end. The people doesn’t believe in the today French system.