June 2sd 2017 the rock concert “Rock am Ring“ from Coblence was canceled because of terrorist threat. Rammstein could not go on show. The Manchester terror attack of May 23rd 2017 and the big list of terror attacks in Europe provoked psychosis. Menaces of terrorism are true and can occur at any time in Europe during concerts or in public places. But this time the organizer denounces the responsability of Merkel for the crisis situation or war situation in the country.

What do we have to pay the bill? Marek Lieberber,g organizer of the rock festival “Rock am Ring“ has almost shouted at the Merkel’s politics during a presse conference whose he considered to be responsible of the war situation in the country. Marek Lieberberg denounces the silence of the Islamic community after each terror act, denounces the scandal of the Amri files where it is well known that the police knew about the terrorist and that the German service secret even help to bring Amri (the man who drove with a lorry into the crowd on a Christmas market place) to Berlin during a travel in train.

Marek Lieberberg declared in a press conference loudly what every German people think today.