All Germany is trying to find an anwser to the case about stolen organs made in Malta on Mike Mansholt, 17 about whom it is said to have had an accident on Malta while he was on his bicycle. Brain and big organs are missing. German media are trying fo find answers to the case then in Germany every day organs are taken of body or corpses.

A bicycle tour which went wrong? Up to the official version published by Malta Mike Mansholt was making bicycle on small mountains in Malta as it happened an accident. Mike’s body has been found a the bottom of the moutain. Body and bicycle did not show Traces of fall. Mike’s neck and spine were not broken as his corpse arrived to Germany to a medical institute but empty of his main organs like the brain.

Forensic pathologist in Malta said to the German family that wild animals eat part of his body. But German pathologist do not see any traces of wild animals which tried to eat Mike’s corpse. The German press and family do not know who took Mike’s organs. Questions are without answers.