May 31st 2017 Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moscow (МИД) invited a Finnish journalist to report on the situation of LGBT groups in Chechnya. On 3rd June the world celebrates the Gay Pride. The question of the Finnish journalist was posed on purpose but the Russian answer was a slap in the face of the Western propaganda machine.

Press conference with Ramzan Kadyrov, President of the Republic of Chechnya. The Finnish journalist, Erka Mikkonen,got an invitation to go to Chechnya to make a report by observing the reality on the ground about the LGBT life in Chechnya. Erka Mikkonen asked a question about the situation of homosexuals in the Chechen Republic, a favorite subject of Western media. Maria Zakharova responded tactically to the press conference and showed the behavior of the Lügenpresse. Here is the exchange between the journalist and the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Finnish journalist admitted not to have been in Chechnya.


Finnish journalist:  What about the question of homosexuals in Chechnya ? Your favorite topic?
My favorite subject?

No, that’s your favorite subject.

Finnish journalist:  Our favorite subject

That’s all, and you’re telling everyone that this is your
Favorite subject.

Mr Kadyrov, today we have at the press conference Erkka Mikkonen of Finnish television, which is very interested in the subject of homosexuals in Chechnya. The question, of course, is posed in the wrong place. This is not a question of the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Could you not directly organize a study trip to the Chechen republic to this reporter where he can find his answers on all the questions he is interested in? You are going to go to the Chechen Republic?

Finnish journalist:  Which answer?
You got the main answer. Have you been there? Think of taking the invitation
It’s up to you to get
You are not afraid?
Finnish journalist:  Not at all
We will do it for you
You know, the main thing in itself
Is to do what you want