The elderly people represent an important financial interest. With the elderly you can make big money. On May the 30th 2017, the German media discover the presence of mafia networks in the services of care for the elderly. More than 230 healthcare organizations have not provided basic care to the elderly but exploited state aid to earn money and launder money from various trafficking. To see a person in charge of the corpse recycling company (of the association collecting corpses) working directly with home care services, as I published on February 2, 2016 https://renaultolivier.wordpress .com / 2016/02/02 / the-sun-green-is-a-reality /, is not a surprise but the norm in Germany. Old people and corpses are making big money!

The business carried out on the backs of the elderly, dependent people, at the end of their life and on cheap employees has become a normality in the German system. The German model, which is spreading throughout Europe, also shows the reality of home care services for the elderly. Instead of helping the elderly to live well, the care system is making money on the back of the so called “humanitarian aid”. Even if the German media is releasing a topic on the Mafia business of the care system for old people, nobody wants to defend the elderly because, in any case, the market of care with the pensioners lacks transparency and nobody wants to take charge of a topic which is affecting more than one million new pensioners per year.

Big business. It is a business of more than € 28.3 billion for the year 2016 which was spent by the health insurance system (Pflegeversicherung) to “care for” its elderly policy holders https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/fileadmin/Dateien/ 3_Downloads / Statistiken / Pflegeversicherung / Zahlen_und_Fakten / Zahlen_und_Fakten.pdf. Social services and many relatives of the elderly have also paid for these care services. More than 230 organizations for old people took the money but did not provide all the care to the elderly, leaving them to die without proper consideration. The staff hired by these organizations do not have the necessary training. Because they just needed to emploied cheap working people for the hard job. These 230 German organizations have made false invoices to earn money and therefore did or do not provide the appropriate care to the elderly. More than 350,000 people work as nursing assistants in Germany.