At the beginning of May 2017, 6 private houses were forcibly taken in Hamburg to give to migrants. Since the mass import of migrants in 2015 to Germany the owners have the obligation to give their homes or houses to families who have been imported.

Six flats were confiscated from owners in May 2017 by the municipality of Hamburg at 5 Ohlendorffstraße in the district of Hamm. The owners were fined € 18,000. Having refused to pay the fine the city of Hamburg sent a property administrator to enter the flats and to make renovation. The bill for renovation has been sent to the owners.

Since 2015. Already in September 2015 Hamburg announced the color by asking to give to migrants apartments, houses or offices looking like «free». This is what we can read in Focus of 2015. The website, «leerstandsmelder», specialized in denouncing owners, published in a kind of well known style of war movies a text with a list of properties asking to give houses, flats and offices located in Hamburg to migrants. By the way «Leerstandsmelder» lists all «free» houses and flats throughout Germany by encouraging denunciation.