Xavier Naidoo, genius of German soul, born in 1971, from a South-African mother and a German father with Sri Lankan origin, released last Friday a new album “Marionetten” in which it denounces the German elites, the German system, the State and calls on the people to arm themselves to be ready, for example, to attack the Bundestag. Xavier Naidoo, who was born in Germany, has a dazzling career in his country of birth. In his songs Naidoo usually produces rather romantic and tender songs. Naidoo took part in Pegida events where he denounced the “Lügenpresse” and the existence of The Firm (SARL Germany) instead of having a totally sovereign German state. Naidoo is a courageous German singer who say very loud what he dislikes in politicis. As Naidoo talked by Pegida, Naidoo was treated to being a Nazi by the official media while he has non-German origins!

In his new song Naidoo introduces the Pizzagate topic and menaces the pedophiles… invite the people to arm against the political betrayers.