Very important information to the readers! This information seems not to be correct! I called the French customs and Gendarmerie of Orly. They said that they haven’t heard any news like that about pieces of human organs taken at Orly airport. I wait after information from the French police working at the Orly airport. When I get more informations I inform the readers. I decided to let this article online because it introduces this business happening in Ukraine. Fact is that the German companies Tutogen AG and Plastinarium exist and make such businesses. The article form LE MONDE is not a fake and inform readers about the business. The same towards my articles concerning the work with nurses and Plastination. When I get more informations I inform our readers. 

April 2017. In Orly airport French customs discovered more than 200 anuses and more than 200 nasal septums coming from Ukraine through the military hospital of Dnepropetrovs. A huge network of body and organ trafficking feed the world. The Plastinarium, a German factory located at 2 hours from Berlin, recycles bodies and works together with the home care network. Doctors are not aloud to touch the dead body of the donator to Plastinarium. A special car arrive to bring the body to the recycling firma. Already in 2012 the newspaper Le Monde which cannot be called an entreprise of “Fake News” published an article about the discovery of human organs with banknotes in car in Ukraine. Before the war in Ukraine networks were already taking their human products. The French newspaper Le Monde talked 2012 about the German company Tutogen AG. During the Euromaïden witnesses
reported about injured people whose organs were stolen. Discovery of corpses in the Ukrainian earth without organs or pieces of bodies buried in the earth showed the activity of illegal business of organs in Ukraine.

The site “News from Ukraine” http://новости-украины.ru-an.info report about the facts which happened at the Orly airport this month. The French customer discovered a delivery of more than 200 anus and 200 nasal septums in a box fulfilled with cryogenic liquid. Those pieces of human organs came from Ukraine and transited via the military hospital of Dnepropetrovsk explain “News from Ukraine”.