Several jobs agencies like Arbeitsagentur, Berlin.de, published an advert to recrut
Russian speaker looking for a job. The Russian speakers, if they sign the agreement
for the job, will live in army camps located in several places on the German territory. In every military camps 10 villages looking like in Russia are buildt and the Russian speakers will have to play a role as a mayor, a shop owner, a policeman, farmer, civilians, or Russian soldiers and even so called rebels fighting for their country in Donbass ? The job advert doesn’t motion it so precisely but it is logical that Russian speaking people who signed for the job will have to play Russian soldiers or Russian civilians fighting in Donbass.

Job advert under Berlin.de

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Job advert under Arbeitsagentur.de

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In all parts in Germany the Russian people are being expected to train the US-army


Russian people whithout a job are targeted by the offer and even Russians living in other countries than in Germany like in Latvia where Russians are considered as no citizens.

January 2017 the Arbeitsagentur was looking for migrants speaking languages from Irak, Iran, Syria, to train the U.S. Army. The Arbeitsagentur, considered as a Arbeitslager by the Germans shows its indeed its true face.