The newspaper Haaretz presents the collaboration of a former ranked SS-officer with the Mossad. This surprising story show some closed links to the elite and in particularly about the construction of the 3rd Reich made by other countries just as it is well described in the book of Guido Giacama Preparada. This story brings water to the explanation made by Hannah Arendt in her book «Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil» where the collaboration between the former mossad, Haganah, and the Nazis has been described. Who did manipulate whom? Israel did accept to put away the name of the SS war criminal of the criminal war list. Shocking for millions of victims and for history books.

SS officer working for the Mossad. The story sounds weird. When Israel captured Eichmann in order to put him on trial, Israeli secret services hired a very important chief of the Waffen SS: Otto Skorzeny, the well known man with a long scar on his face showing his friendship with Verbindungen. Otto Skorzeny was one of the best man of the Mossad «The Institute for Intelligence and Special Missions». Otto Skorzeny was also one of Hitler’s favorites, reveals Haaretz. Otto Skorzeny is known in history for having released Benito Mussolini from his detention. And it was the future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir who led the action of murdering a Nazi scientist in a forest near Munich by engaging the former SS officer for this mission.

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Incredible deal! Haaretz talks about the recruitment of the SS war criminal and the deal between the Mossad and this criminal to erase his name from the list of Nazi war criminals wanted by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Amazing Lie! Haaretz reveals that Skorzeny went to Israel to negotiate his contract. During a visit to the Museum of the Shoah a former deportee recognized him and yelled “he is a war criminal! “. The Israeli agent who accompanied Skorzeny in the museum told the deportee, “You are wrong! He is a member of my family and he himself is a survivor of the shoah! “.

This change of jacket of the SS officer may reveal the true construction of the Nazi regime. In his book “”Conjuring Hitler, How Britain and America Made the Third Reich” Guido Giacama Preparada shows that the United States and England help to build the Nazi Reich.