In the summer the first steps were taken by Turkey in order to normalize the relations with Russia. Shortly thereafter, a coup attempt was made in Turkey in July. The consequences of this coup attempt has been up today fought by Erdogan. It is however unclear to what extent Erdogan is currently supporting the Crimean Tatars who have partly announced the fight against Russia.

Contra Magazine already published last year an article about the Crimean Tatars who together with the Grey Wolves planned sabotage actions on Crimea. At that time the relashionship between Ankara and Moscow were bad. The reason was that the Turkish Aire Force shooted down The Russian SU-24 on November 24th 2015. The relations between Russia and Turkey were at the lowest level. Russia reacted by ordering strong sanctions against Turkey. The cold time between the two countries lasted up to last summer when Putin and Erdogan met. Just after that Turkey announced to open anew the relations between Russia and Turkey the military coup occured in Turkey. The consequences of that coup still last up today on the Turkish politics. Today the Western countries, which are helping Kurdish army against IS, are denouncing the numbers of arrestation of Kurdish activists in Turkey. But it is well known that Turkey sustains several military groups. Turkey sustains the Crimean Tatars and the Grey Wolves.

Contra Magazine has collected turkish douments given the proof that the Crimean Tatars are involved in sabotage actions in Crimea but also in Donbass together with the Ukrainiens.

Tass published informations about the fact that 3 persons are waiting after their trial in the Russian Tchetchenia. Kadyrow informed the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office to send to Turkey some documents. Coming back to the Crimean Tatars who made actions to block Crimea such as busting power lines. Dschemilijew and Basi Bozuk are said to have taken part in terrorist actions and to have gotten support from Ankara. At the same it was known about Crimean Tartars having good contacts to Germany and to the USA.

The question has to be asked today about the fact that Erdogan wishes to establish anew good relationships with Moscow when we see, at the same time, Turkey sustaining the Crimean Tartars. The relationships between Turkey and the western countries are deeply bad. We have not a single day when we listen bad informations concerning Turkey in the western media. The western media publish about the bad situation of the human rights, as such the press freedom in Turkey. But those western media have never been publishing about the fact that Germany and the U.S.A are sustaining the Crimean Tartars today like in the past.