Sunday November 20th 2016, Merkel made officially again her candidature as chancellor. It is the fourth time that Merkel is going to be the chancellor. Adolf Hitler had made not better than Merkel. But the year 2017 is going to be an important year with the elections in Germany, in Austria and in France.The tsunami wave produced by the Trump’s election has been coming to the Old Continent and is going to provoke a tremendous cataclysm amid the society and the politics. The elite who took the power 1968 in Europe has been finishing its power. A new power is coming in Europe and this is to be felt and seen in the center of Europe. This change is going to be violent.

Norbert Hofer, new face in Europe!

Europe goes direction extreme right. The AfD wants to stop every European agreements, to stop the introduction of the Gender ideology, to stop the importation of so called refugees. The AfD wants to put Merkel into jail for having imported millions of migrants to Germany. Under Merkel the internation law has not been respected. It was forbidden to let millions of migrants to come to Germany after they arrived to Greece or to Italy.

Austria then Germany and France. Alexander Van der Bellen (Grünen) and Norbert Hofer (FPÖ) are fighting for the presidential election on December the 4th 2016. We have to remember that Norbert Hofer was actually the winner in May 2016 for the Austrian election. Because the Austria election was manipulated the Green candidate could win. In fact Norbert Hofer was already the Austrian president at that time. With the German and French elections after the Austrian election Europe is seeing a revival of the nationalism on its soil. A new time is coming and changing the European face.