The doctor Death, Gunther von Hagens, born in 1945, son of a former SS-officer who commited crimes in Poland upt to researches of Polish media, celebrates the 10 years of his recycling factory of human being. A lot of retired people, ill people, have already been recycled by the German factory. Skin, bones and fat of the corpses are used. The German authorities do not forbid this business. They even help it to work better. Social services for old people are making advertising about the company.


One year 1 million deads in Germany. The German population ist very old and the structure dealing about death are not following good. The German state has decided to promote the business of the recycling factory with corpses. A Menschenmuseum, a museum of dead humans http://www.memu.berlin/, have been launched 2016 in the center of Berlin at the Alexander Platz. They need to invite old people to give their body after their death to the German factory. Nobody should know who was the recycled body. It was a deal made before the death of those people but a German trial in Berlin decided it differently. The Menschenmuseum has the obligation to put a number on the recycled corpses. The German has officially the right to know who was tha corpse in the exhibition. The first secrete which was dealt as an agreement between the recycling factory and the old, ill or normal people, has been broken. But who does care? They dead.

The human being museum is teaching children on corpses and then the children get a certificate !



Social walfare companies working with old people and ill people work with the recycling company. The German State does not care about it. You are old or ill. You see a nurse coming to you and you think she is working for your health. But instead she works with the recycling company. https://renaultolivier.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/soylent-green-is-reality/

10 years of recycling. That is alreday 10 years that the recycling firma of human being is making its business in Germany. The firma is located in the city of Guben, 1hour and 30 minutes away from Berlin. Children guided by their teachers go to visit the part of the fabric which is a museum inside. Children and adults see dead bodies naked on metal tables being cut. Employes working for the recycling company are often unemployed people who were forced by the Agentur für Arbeit to work there otherwise they loose their roof and social care.