Hillary Clinton ordered her supporters to go home! The NWO elite almost fired! The domino effect is starting to roll over the world to clean the countries of their elite who want to destroy our identities. Worldwide official media say, « to us it is a shock to see that Hillaray Clinton is about to be fired ».

The domino effect! Hillary Clinton is beaten. This is a victory for the free world. In December 5th 2016, we have the Austrian election and this is Norbert Höfer from the FPÖ who shoud win the presidential election. In October 2016 the Austrian election has been manipulated and had to be canceled. With the coming year 2017 the elite of the system is afraid to loose the election in France and in Germany. They are thinking of their position as a business position and they are about to loose it. In France, Marine Lepen should be elected in 2017. In 2017 the AfD should win a large part of the power in Germany. With the U.S election Europe is about to change his face and to return to more nationalism.

A strong Russia. With the U.S elections Russia is coming stronger. Trump have promised to call at first with Putin when he is elected. The political invasions of the U.S.A. should change and make an alliance with Russia.