Hacked mails belonging to Hillary Clinton show the link between the Clinton foundation and whose who finance the IS. The alliance between the Saudi Arabia and the Qatar have already been showed in the past. As Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State her foundation (Clinton foundation) became million from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Even the richest Oligarch of Ukraine, Pintchouk, financed the Clinton Foundation and Clinton in retour support Porochenko. War criminals are making business with the Clinton.

The Clinton are responsible for massacres. Proofs against the US candidate running for the US presidency show the link of the Clinton in war businesses and not in the interest of the US. The Clinton foundation having gotten million are working for the Saudis and for Qatar interests. The Clintons appear as an evil clan making business on life of populations. In the past Bill Clinton supported the war against Serbia and continued supporting the settlement of an islamic state in the former Yugoslavia where the Saudis are playing a strong game. Using the Clinton foundation as a humanitary foundation the Clintons steal million for themselves. It is what the last former CEO of the Clinton foundation, Eric Braverman, explained. Eric Braverman asked for asylum in Russia and said that while the Clinton foundation was gathering 1 billion for India the Clintons only gave to India 53 million and kept the rest for them. But the truth about the Clinton’s clan have been published on the screens of the world. The candidate Clinton is facing an historical failure for the US election!