Wallonia said «NO» to CETA! To the agreement between Canada and Europe. Brussels and Berlin say «Wallonie will say yes». Wallonie hat put a small stone in the Brussels order and in the eye of the NWO. But the elite menaces. The minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, who came to Europe for the signature of CETA started to break into tears when Wallonie said «No». Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament has jumped to support Chrystia Freeland in her negociations. Mr Schultz wants to force Wallonie to sign the CETA agreement. The European Union is a non democratic place. Looking on the Internet, I found an article written by Chrystia Freeland with pictures published by herself. Chrystia Freeland is to be seen with the rabbin of Kiew which supports the politics of genocide against the Russian speaking population in Donbass. This rabbin wears proudly the David star in which we see an Ukrainian strident.

The David star in which we see an Ukrainian strident



The two faces of Chrystia Freeland


Chrystia Freeland breaks into tears. «I am very very sad», said Freeland when Wallonia refused to sign CETA. Media want to let us believe that Freeland is a very kind person and very sensible. Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, went to support Freeland and obliged Wallonia to sign the CETA. But the medias don’t show the other face of Mrs Freeland. Mrs Freeland support the Kiew’s politics against Russia that does mean the planified genocide of Russian people in Donbass. On the official website of her Canadian political party Freeland wrote an article explaining her meeting with the rabbin of Kiew which considers Russians in Donbass as terrorists. Chrystia Freeland published a picture of rabbin’s cufflinks which symbolize the Davidstern with Ukrainian strident inlaid.