You wanted to have a better a life in 2017? You won’t if Merkel becomes again chancellor in 2017. The CDU has decided to present again the candidature of Merkel for the new elections coming in 2017 in Germany. 4 times at the head of Germany ? Merkel represents the castration of the european civilisations, the destruction of Europe under the leadership of the NWO.

German elites are insane. A danger ! Merkel has ruined all european nations with her politics. Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France stay under the German control. Even Germany is not a free country but stay under the U.S control. Merkel is a servicewoman of the United States. Merkel imported million migrants from 2015 to 2016. Even the German folk is having bad conditions of life. And the German elite still wants to see Merkel candidate as a chancellor in 2017 ? What is going on in Germany ? I do not want to see and listen any more Angela Merkel talking on tv or in conferences.