Europe is in war, is being menaced by terrorists? In the night of Monday to Tuesday 18th October 2016 a small lorry was stopped by the German police in Reichenhall/Salzburg. The policemen found 200 war weapons in the small lorry. The driver had been under arrest for 16 hours then released just during the time requested by the police to investigate. The driver had a legal authorization to transport 200 war weapons from Austria to Luxemburg to a weapons dealer. The police speaker explained that that kind of figure occures quite often and we do not know who is going to buy those war weapons and on which purposes. May migrants go to buy in Luxembourg or the French police?

This case does show that private transport of war weapons is legal in EU and further more shows that Germany, which is importing million of migrants to Europe, is importing war weapons to Europe too. Does deliver Berlin war weapons to migrants in Europe?