On October 12th 2016 the German police said to have found, Dschaber Al-Bakr, the so called terrorist dead in his cell. October 8th 2016 the German secret services got information about the plans of the so called terrorist but they could not arrest him but the German police found explosives in his flat. On Saturday 8th the so called terrorist managed to escape arrestation and went to Leipzig. So called Syrian refugees informed the police and arrested on their own the so called terrorist. The so called terrorist killed himself in the prison of Leipzig. No one camera did film the so called terrorist in his cell even being a very important clue for the police and for the investigation. The German police, the most control state system, would have let a so called terrorist without any control during 24 hours?

Minister of the Interior. De Maizière, Federal Minister of Interior, was interior minister of Saxony and hid the child trafficking and sexual affairs of judges and prosecutors with minor http: //www.stern. of / politik / deutschland / skandal-in-sachsen-staatsanwaelte-mit-sex bestochen-3272754.html. Already in office, De Maizière, descending from a line of a family gravitating in the corridors of power in Germany, was in charge of the secret services of Saxony. His father was in the government of the GDR and De Maizière has a good network among former Stasi people. The grandfather of De Maizière was a senior politician in the 3.Reich. Why the case of the so called terrorist happened in Saxony, and not in Bavaria?

The so called terrorist arrested by the so called Syriers already dead? We see a picture of the so called terrorist. A so called refugee keep his head with his very weak and small arm… We see the head of the so called terrorist. He seems already dead at that time. His eyes are closed and blood runs out oh his mouth.

Kind refugees. For months Germany began a press communication which has been talking about the kind Syrians who find money in the street and give it back to the police … Now Germany wants us to believe that there are nice Syrians who capture so called terrorists. As a matter of fact, while the so called Syrian terrorist was captured the German media speak of two Syrian refugees who captured a thief in Bavaria… http://www.rosenheim24.de/bayern/junge-asylbewerber-verhindern-taschendiebstahl-6832713.html