September 23rd 2016 the leader of the French left-wing political party gave a press conference in Berlin with the leader of the German left-wing political party Sarah Wagenknecht. «We are in a moment of great danger and being here with my comrades of the Linke must show the feeling of danger. The European Union has been entering a disintegration process. And wihtin this disintegration the worst is going to happen. We are deeply linked to the European ideal», said Mélanchon during the press conférence in Berlin. Joschka Fischer, the former Foreign minister from 1998 to 2005, produced exactly the same message in an article published on September 29th 2016 by the Berlin Taggesspiegel. «Europe and the West are in great danger», declared the former Green leader Joschka Fischer.

Mélanchon and Wagenkencht in Berlin

The left-wing parties defend the European Union project. The French left-wing leader, Mélanchon and the German leader of the Linke, Sarah Wagenknecht continue to make the promotion of the European Union. During a press conference in Berlin, we see Mélanchon staying close to Wagenknecht in front of a new German slogan with a new logo of the German left-wing party the Linke «An another path for Europe » with the European stars on it. Mélanchon and his French left-wing pary are calling to save the European Union with the Linke.

The new motto and new logo of the left-wing party


Joschka Fischer, Grünen, calls to support Merkel. The former figure of the German revolution from the year 1968 calls to support Merkel. Joschka Fischer explain his support to Merkel in an article published on September 29 2016 by Tagesspiegel. «The West and Europe are in great danger without Angela Merkel», says Joschka Fischer. We remember that Joschka Fischer was the Foreign Minister of Germany from 2005 to 2016 and that Joschka Fischer decided to bomb Serbia without having an UNO agreement.