The JIT, which is made of countries being allies or member of the NATO, has published an animation September 28th 2016 to accuse Russian as being responsible of the MH17 crash. This animation shows a Russian Buk engine travelling from Russian border to the place where the Boeing has been destroyed causing the death of many civilians. This animation shows a white smoke going from the bottom to the sky as if a Buk missile would have been launched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf6gJ8NDhYA.

Video made by Billy Six showing his interviews with witnesses of the catastroph and with publication of the two pictures


But a German war reporter, Billy Six, found proofs that everything was organised in a big manipulations of testimonies and of pictures. Billy Six went to the village of Pushkinskiy and made interviews with people who have seen the crash. 14 people have been interviewed by Billy Six and no one said that they have seen a big white smoke going to the sky which should be a proof of a Buk missile. A German press agency, Correctiv, which is in Berlin and which is pretending to be against the system and to fight for the true produced false contents about the MH17 crash. The publication of Correctiv has been send through the world by international pr agencies such as AFP, AP, Reuters… Billy Six brings the proof that the witnesses cited in the articles have been manipulated, abused and falsed. A former pilot and expert, Harry Horlings, has been used and abused by the German agency Correctiv too for the manipulation. Harry Horlings says to Billy Six, “I have never meet people from the pr agency Correctiv and I have never said what they write…” Billy Six brings in his investigative work that no white smoke was to be seen at the crime scene. But two air craft figther jets had been seen in the sky close to the Boeing in the day of the crime over the Donbass. “Wow, the Connectiv agency has beautiful and big offices”, said Billy Six as he entered the agency in Berlin with the British journalist Graham Phillips. Connection is absolutely not an agency being known and which produces big contents. Surprised of the rich agency Billy Six asked Connecton to tell him how they earn money. Billy Six never got an answer. Up to Billy Six the Connection agency is a piece of the manipulation which wants to prove that Russia is behind the catastroph of the flight MH17.