Volker Beck (Greens), Sebastian Edathy (SPD), Cohn-Bendit (Greens), Hans-Christian Ströbele (Green), Ole von Beust ancien maire de Hambourg (CDU), Angela Merkel (CDU), Gerwald Claus Brunner (The Pirate ) are people who show psychiatric troubles and worry us about the state of health of German politicians.

Cohn-Bendit made advertising for pedophilia as he was working with small childen in a Kindergarten in Frankfurt am Main. Edathy had been caught while downloading pedophilia file as he was in the Bundestag. Ole von Beust, who is married with a very young man, 36 years younger, is said to have handled with small children as he was a mayor in Hamburg. Angela Merkel is said to be mad by a psychiatrist. Gerwald Claus Brunner has sexuel raped and killed a man he was stalking many years. Gerwald Claus Brunner was a figure in the Pirates political party.

Ole von Beust with his husband



Volker Beck



Gerwald Claus Brunner who sexuel raped a man and committed suicide September 2016

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