September 4th 2016 was the elections in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. This Land is in the former GDR and a nationalist place since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany has robbed children of migrants, mainly from Syria. Everything has been planned for more than 10 years. The AfD party was founded in February 2013 10 months before the events of the Euromaidan. This crisis communication has been established for over 10 years to boost nationalism in German society. The import of million of so-called refugees was a well organized plan to push even more nationalism in Germany while taking thousands of children and babies from imported populations. The Arab springs broke Libya, Syria, Egypt. They were actions organized by special services with Germany and its allies. The idea is to tell the world “we bring poor people fleeing war bringing humanitarian aid!”. Now Germany has stolen babies, children and young couples called refugees or young mothers who makes babies in Germany.

AfD victory in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. This is a victory without surprise. The AfD comes after the SPD and the CDU crushes because the Figure of Merkel comes to an end and Berlin goes into high gear to format its population. Berlin increases the control tools of the inhabitants and children. The police increased its workforce. The Bundeswehr has the right to intervene in Germany to keep order. The appeal to the people to make reservations for a crisis or war is a psychological strategy to push the people to follow the guidelines of Berlin nationalist vote and the AFD.

In Germany nothing happens by chance and everything is under control. When you see and listen the leaders of the AfD in Mecklenburg Vorpommern it is clear that it is not themselves who have pushed the people to vote for the AfD. This is clearly a construction. It is even admirable to observe the whole strategy to change German policy and all the society. Victory of the AFD? It is the victory of an elite which is in the shadow.
Bild published an article that shows the end of Merkel. Bild changes and makes chancellors.