institut recruts volonteers for a one year experiment in order to live as if you were on Mars. Fed up of your collegues and coworkers? TV? Internet? Stories about djihadists? Your wife asking you so many things at the same time? To buy everyday in every same shops on this earth? About life on this earth? Then you have the possibility to get your ticket for a one year experiment life on Mars!

First mission over. During 365 days 5 volonteers lived in similar conditions like a life year on Mars. 4 men and one woman. They are scientists. But the institut recruts new volonteers for a new experiment. You will live one year on a Pacific island on a vulcano in simulated conditions as if you were on Mars. All the year you will live with the same people in a so called space base and only go outside on the island in a space suit! Inscribe yourself here!