This Sunday July 7th hundreds of Germans are driving to Moscow in a road of peace «Friedensfahrt». This road is a an answer to the first Russian initiative coming from the Russian bikers which occured already twice in 2015 and last May 2015 between Moscow and Berlin.

Today at 15 o’clock the activists for the peace between Russian and Europe will listen a speech of the former secretary of state of the German defense minister, Willy Wimmer at the Brandenburg Tor and drive to Russia! Some peacemakers form the folk couldn’t wait and started already this morning at 5 o’clock the drive to Moscow! Willy Wimmer celebrates this road for the peace has a very important event in that time of war and of NATO provocations. Every one can watch life the event under the site druschba http://www.druschba.info/.

Germans start to show the beginning of the event in Berlin:



Willy Wimmer is going to talk at 15 o’clock


More people are coming:


Willy Wimmer’s speech:

Willy Wimmer let fly doves of peace in the Berlin sky