This Sunday 31th is a success for the the Turkish people living in Germany and abroad but also for Erdogan. Yesterday, July 30th, only 5000 German patriots demonstrated in Berlin against the Merkles politics. Today 40000 Turkische People were in Cologne to support Erdogan. 5000 German patriots against 40000 Turkish people. That is a big difference. Everything seems to let think that that the Germans are letting the Turkish people to decide in their country. But with informations we can explain it.

Forbidden. The German justice forbad the demonstration planed by the German patriots in Cologne. Only the official political parties which organized demonstrations, Grünen, FDP, Linke, had the right to be in Cologne.

Turkish success? It is not sure. German police was around the Turkish demonstration and they stayed isolated to other demonstrations. The German police made videos of the Turkish people. Buses arrived from other European cities to Cologne. The newspaper Hürriyet published «100000 in Cologne»… Erdogan was behind this demonstration in order to show to the world that his folk is behind him even outside Turkey. This demonstration shows that integration doesn’t work in Europe.


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