“More innocent people will lose their lives “, said Valls June 15, 2016 after the killing of two policemen and had already predicted 13 February 2016 other attacks. Up to Valls the French people must learn to live and to get used to the massacres on French territory on a long period of time. France agreed in June 2016 the appointment of a Saudi at the head of the Institute of the Arab world. France works with Saudi Arabia, the kingdom which organized, financed the 9/11 with Washington according to the published report of 28 pages. A report which has not been comment by any French or international media. France applies the state of martial law but attacks like the one in Nice are possible. Terrorist are in fact in the highest state bodies (governments) and international organizations (UNO, NATO, UNICEFhttp://novorossia.today/is-unicef-a-facilitator-of-war-crimes/ , OSCE). Up to an Algerian obersver French are buffoons.

French State. France is in a very bad shape. François Hollande, ally and friend of Saudi Arabia, a friend of Porochenko (invited at the last NATO summit in Warsaw that calls to massacre civilians in the Donbass ) friend of statesmen that call to kill civilians and population as President Zuma of South Africa https://renaultolivier.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/hollande-meet-zuma-the-killer-of-the-whites/, is a man interested in power, money, women, good meals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z3Hx14QkbY without working. François Hollande is a product of the young leaders program http://www.atlantico.fr/pepites/francois-hollande-et-nostalgie-hamburgers-331592.html, an agent of the CIA.

French people are buffons. An Algerian who speaks on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIey21dBSFI youtube expresses his disgust for France. “France (the French government ) accepts the chief trainer of the jihadists, Abderazak Tlass, in asylum. “Tlass is the man who opened the chest of a soldier to remove the heart and to eat it. Tlass trained jihadists”, said the algerian observer. “Not one French media has talked about the arrival of the terrorist and cannibal in France !”, said the Algerian. Not a single French media has even talked about the content of the 28 pages report on the 9/11. The French government, international bodies like the UN, NATO , OSCE are terrorists.

OSCE as a matter of facts. In Russia a Ukrainian spy was arrested . The spy was working for the OSCE and gave valuable information to liquidate personalities. OSCE is used as a spy system and as a terrorist organization.