The coup attempt was crushed by the Turkish people and the great part of the army remained loyal to Erdogan. Erdogan got, as he asked in his statement via skype, the support of his people in Turkey and in Germany too where a great number of Turkish people lives.

Erdogan talked in a press conference and confirmed that he is the chief of the state

Alexander Dugin gave 2 days before the coup attempt his point of view about the action of the U.S.A towards Turkey. Up to Alexandre Dugin terrorist actions are taking place in Turkey in particularly after the political change of Erdogan toward Russia. In the light of this interview of the 14th of July we understand that the US should be behind this coup attempt. Erdogan works in direction of Russia and of Syria. Dugin talked about the importance for Turkey to work close with Russia. This change in Turkey’s policy destroyed US plans to destabilize the region.