The terror act in Nice this 14th of July is not the last one and not the first one. Upt to the Prime Minister Valls French people have to live with that kind of menace because it will happen again and again. Official media from France cut every videos, facts, concerning terror acts. Opinion of the people or simple facts are put aside. Censorship occures. Even in that time of war French journalist working for official channels cut the free speech. The French elite does the same and put aside informations or try to talk as if it is just a mad man who acted. This French elite doesn’t want to show to the world the situation of war in the country.

Situation. We see a stage where artists are playing music. The music plays while the big white truck goes on the mob. We see people dreaming while listening music. A woman makes a video of the situation not about the truck but about the people listening music and about her son making picture. She even doesn’t realize what is happening. Peace is there and the people are enjoying that moment in the summer time. The woman turn her I-Phone making a circle so we can see the stage and the number of people having fun. In front of her her son making pictures ? Behind the big white truck falling on the people arrive in the image with this sound of body being mixed by the truck. It is what Mr Valls, the Prime minister of France, consider as normal today because he invites the French people to live with that terror when he and his family lives behind bodyguards.