Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially sent a message to French President with video to offer condolences to France, to the families of the victims and its support to the injured. “”Dear Francois. Russia knows what terror is and what threats it poses to all of us. Our people have repeatedly faced similar tragedies and are deeply affected by what happened. We feel for the French people and stand in solidarity with them,” is the essential message of Putin.

The Russian government shows its solidarity towards the French people. France has always been beloved in Russia.

The message to François Hollande coming from Russia is a strong signal to be friend in those difficult times. France, with François Hollande, has not been very pleasant in its politics towards Russia. We remember the economical sanctions against Russia, the bad words from France to Russia concerning the war in Donbass, the war in Syria. France under François Hollande did not show a good face towards Russia and was rather very rude. François Hollande even considered Poutine as a dictator and let his ministers calling him a second Hitler. The message from Moscow is a request which has been made in front of the world asking France to work together. If France refuses the collaboration with Russia all the world would know who made the mistake and it won’t be Poutine. Will France betray Russia?