Since 2012 a book used for teaching at school, «Sexualpädagogik_der_Vielfalt», invites teacher to teach their pupils, 12 years old, to make sex under the cover of «sexual education». In 2014 the sexual objects were simple and not used in a brothel. In 2016 sex toys used at school for pupils are the same which are to be found in the adult world in sex establishment or in sadomaso clubs. School is now the center of education to be a prostitute.

In 2014 parents already denounced this situation and were brought into prison after having refused that their children followed such a course. Gender courses are belonging to the official lessons at school and they are becoming sexual acting like those we can find in a brothel.

Germany introduces the use of those sex toys by playing theater. «Sexualpädagogik der Vielfalt» is a network made of homo-lesbian lobbies which decide about the content of the courses. Dildos and geisha balls are used at school for children being 12. Teacher are invited to play theater to bring sex experiences to the pupils as explains Die Welt

This is the new teddy bear in Germany



with new games for children



.This is the book in German “Sexualpädagogik der Vielfalt”