The singer is Black M and a former singer of the music group Sexion d’Assault. Black M insults the French people of saying that France is a “country of Kuffar ” which means a country of shit people and islam unbelievers, people who have to be killed or to be considered as slave in the Islamic law system or in the Sharia law. The Kuffar are killed nowadays in many islamic countries. Black M received from the French government a contract of 150,000 euros to sing hatred songs during the day of the 100 years ceremony of the First World War in Verdun on May 29 . In an interview Black M, the singer, invites people to celebrate the day of the ceremony on the graves of soldiers who died for France! Complaint against Black M has been made on this Thursday by the grand-son of a war veteran of this First World War asking for the the justice to suspend the concert. The people of France is standing up against the presence of Black M in Verdun . The French , including many Bretons are appealing to reunify in Verdun and to forbid this concert.

Black M

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