April 23 2016 between 25 000 and 50 000 demonstrators went on the street in Hannover one day before the arriving of Merkel and Obama in the same city. Demonstrators, who were there, talk about 100 000 people on the street… The question is. Is it still usefull to go on the street? The international trade agreement between Canada and the UE has been made without any vote from the european people. Content of the TTIP has been kept secret even to deputies. The TTIP agreement is in fact a big manipulation. Already in February 2016 the Trilaterale was attending the Security Conference in Munich. Bilderberg is having its meeting in the center of Dresde this June 2016.

Quetions. Bilderberg meets in June in the center of Dresden, a town which is the symbol of the resistance in Europe and in Germany against the US occupation with NATO, against the war with Russia, against the US occupation in Ukraine, against Hartz IV, against poverty. The new German political party AfD seems to take strangely distance to any critics against the Bilderberg meeting in Dreden. That is a surprise for a party which show itself as the leader of the resistance against the new world order. And chiefs of the AfD don’t want to leave the NATO. The Monday demonstrations, then Pegida, could have been a constrution à la make up to put aside important decisions?