April 21, Tobias Kucharz, aged 12, was caught by the police at his home and the employees of the Jugendamt because he did not go to school serveral days prefering to learn at home. More than 400 children are caught by the police and the Jugendamt every day in Germany. The aunt of Tobias filmed all the action of the police. The police came into the home, gave orders to the mother like, «leave now the place otherwise we bring you into jail… ». Tobias shouted, « mum help me ! ». The mother said, « I cannot help you my baby ! ». In the videos we see the police coming and menacing the family, catching Tobias using violence and staying on him to apply cuffs at his hands and feet.

In this video we see the police coming and menacing the mother


In this second video we see the police applying cuffs to Tobias !