This Tuesday 19th April Lutz Bachmann, the historical Pegida leader, had his first day in court. Lutz Bachmann is accused of supplying racial hatred on social networks, including Facebook. The words “Viehzeug” (cattle), “Gelumpe” (dirt), “Dreckspack” (scum) are said to have been used by the head of Pegida on Facebook. Justice tries to accuse Bachmann of incitement to racial hatred in order to put him in jail. The right to anger for the German people no longer exists. To express thoughts in words become prohibited. Political correctness has invaded the court and the whole society to repress the patriots. Arriving at his trial Lutz Bachmann has worn glasses in the shape of a black bar on his face as one we can find on censored images. Justice wants to condemn the head of Pegida while Turkish President wants to condemn the comic Jan Böhmermann for writing a poem mocking, just in words, the Turkish President.