Russian children build scale models supporting France. Those scale models, small air fighters as a matter of facts, make ads to support France and Paris against terrorism. Putin sent Russian military air forces to fight against islamic forces in Syria. At that time Russian soldiers wrote on bombs « for all of us » and « For Paris » referring to the assassination which occured in France. When France with his French president, François Hollande, even think of making the war against Russia (a country similar to us), Russia continue to invite its children to support France and Paris against war and terror. On the model scale we can see the two same messages put on two bombs « for all of us » and « For Paris ». Russian children learn to play war and to be proud of their army and even to defend the people who are friends to Russia. François Hollande doesn’t represent France for Russians. Russians consider the Frenck folk. This model scale is a big lesson to us. Instead to spread hates on France Russia teach its folk to love France !