On Sunday March 27 Patrioten from Belgien went on the Place de la Bourse. In front of them were staying neopacifists promoting the already dead multicultural way of life of the 20th century. By the way we know that those neopacifists are paid by the system. «We are the world» ; «we are all children of migrants» ; «peace and love» were shouting the neopacifists. The european folks no more accept that such groups of people talk for them. Those paid neopacifists do not relate the facts.

The propaganda of the multicultural world is for ever dead. A strong picture shows it to us and comes from Belgium. A Belgian gave a punch to a neopacifist who tried to put away a banner and who was treating the Belgians as nazis. The neopacifist collapsed. This is the sign that the european folks are going to recover their countries.